Wedding Themes and the Wow Factor

Wedding ThemesI read an interesting article today that confirms what I am seeing in so far as wedding trends this year.  Wedding receptions are changing.  Maybe initially, it was the bride’s intent to save money however what’s happening is an overall change in the way things have always been done.  It is what is being called “The Wow Factor”.The Wow Factor is doing something so unique that your guests talk about it long after the party is over.  You guests will not only remember how beautiful you were but will remember how incredible the reception was.  Every wedding needs at least one of these factors.How do these trends effect your wedding invitation ideas?  For some ideas on how to make your invitations create some excitement for your guests, read on…

Here are the top “Wow Trends” for weddings.

  • Unique Wedding Settings

While it is my business to officiate at weddings not held in churches, I am seeing some very unique and wonderful venues.  Brides are moving away from receptions held in church halls and fire halls all over the country.  They are moving to very unique locations that traditionally, haven’t even been considered for wedding receptions such as warehouses, old movie theaters, and airplane hangers.

  • Jewel Tone Colors

Gone are the days when brides chose colors of a pastel nature.  What is in vogue now are beautiful jewel tones.  Colors like turquoise, amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green.  These colors are great because a little can go a long way.

That Feeling of HomeInterior design is everywhere in weddings these days. Items found in your living room such as sofas, coffee tables, chandeliers and stylish home accents are popping up. Using items usually found in a home puts a unique and custom spin on the average wedding.

  • Signature Wedding Drinks

A signature drink is a special drink that is created especially for the couple’s special night named after the couple or after something significant in their life.

The drinks can match the couples wedding colors or just simply be their favorite drink.  Think Blue Hawaiian to Sangrias here.  Remember, even if it’s a traditional drink, by adding a little food coloring to the mixer, drinks can be any color.

Whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic, signature drinks showcase something special about the couple with family and friends.

  • Unique Lighting

Lighting can make the most boring room turn into a dramatic statement. The look can be accomplished with soft spotlights on each table or up lighting around the diameter of a room. Light filters can be found in all colors to match your event perfectly from a bright blue to a hot pink adding a pop of color.

All of these items can range from the affordable to the extravagant. The most important thing to remember when planning your wedding is to choose items and colors you love and mean something special to you. If you follow that simple rule you will be setting a trend and creating a night you will be happy with when you look back on pictures for years to come.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Personalize your wedding invitations by taking that spin of the “Wow factor” and transferring it to your wedding stationary.  A photo of the two of you standing next to an airplane is perfect for a reception held in an airplane hanger, a photo of you in front of a statue or some other art form is perfect for a museum venue, Your photo in the form of a movie poster for an event held in an old movie theater.  You get the idea.

How about using a photo of the two of you partaking in that special signature drink that will be served at your reception on your save the date cards?  You can even add the recipe for your guests to enjoy later.

Use the rich jewel tones in the colors of your stationary.  With my custom stationary service, you can customize the colors, mix and match, and totally personalize the look of your stationary.  There is nothing else like this service.  The best part is that you can try the system for FREE! Visit Best Custom Greeting Cards for more info and a free trial.

Let’s Start off with a Contest!!!  2 Ways To Win

I Want Your Ideas.  Let me hear your ideas or comments on weddings receptions that you have attended or that you are planning now that use the “wow factor” in the wedding theme.  Specifically, what ideas can you come up with using the “wow factor” for your wedding stationary?  The  entry with the best “WOW” will win 50 thank you cards (of their choice) from my entire collection!

Cheers to your Wow Wedding,

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