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wedding candle lighting ceremonyCandle Lighting Ceremony (Optional)

This ceremony can be done with 4 candles , as its written here, with the officiant having the first lit candle, or can be modified using a Unity Candle set, which has 3 candles.

The unity candle ceremony is not a religious ceremony and is commonly used by all faiths. The ceremony provides an opportunity for the bride and groom to involve and honor their parents during the wedding. Decorative, personalized Unity Candle Sets can be kept as a symbol of your union for years to come!

Officiant:  Within each human being burns the spark of the Divine.  When two people love one another with devotion and freedom, they kindle the awareness of that spark in each other as

Take into your beings the warmth, radiance and light that the divine flame represents.  Let it light your way on the journey of life that you are about to embark on.

In committing to one another today, in the spirit of being born new to one another, you kindle each other’s divine light and promise always to see that light in one another-to nurture and tend that divine flame in your partner as best you can each day-especially at the times it may be hardest to see, and the times your partner may doubt or forget the existence of that light within him-or herself.

(Brides Name), take this candle now and symbolically enter the sacred trust to honor the divine spark in (Grooms Name) by lighting it from this candle representing the Divine Source. (She lights candle)

(Grooms Name), take this candle now and symbolically enter the sacred trust to honor the divine spark in (Brides Name) by lighting it from this candle representing the Divine Source. (He lights candle)

If at this time you wish to affirm your free choice to unite as partners in marriage, please light the unlit candle together now. (They light unlit candle together) As you bring your individual flames together to symbolically form the new and greater flame of your marriage, never forget that the light of your union is made up of your unique, individual expressions of light and is continually sustained and renewed by your connection to the Divine Spark, the eternal light of God.

The candle you lit together symbolizes your marriage, your willingness to surrender to something greater than yourselves. May the light of your marriage, (Brides Name) and (Grooms Name), be a beacon in the night, a safe harbor from the storms of life. May your future be made infinitely brighter by the light and the love that you share.


In a unity candle ceremony in which the couple wants to incorporate the honoring of the parents, the groom’s parents and the bride’s parents can each light a separate taper candle, representing the wedding couple as individuals. The bride and groom then take those individual taper candles and use them to light a larger pillar candle together. This symbolizes the coming together of the bride and groom, and the two families as one.

Special Notes:

In a second wedding ceremony the lighting of the unity candle is a great way to involve and unite the children of the two families into one.

Prepare the Unity Candle Ceremony in Advance. Before the ceremony, place the unity candles on a table close to the altar. Be sure to arrange in advance who will light the candles (and who will bring the matches!)

Candle Lighting Tips.  It’s a good idea to light a small tea light candle in advance so you do not have to fumble with matches in the middle of the ceremony.  -Burning the candle wicks in advance will make the candles light easier during the ceremony.

Unity Candle Song Suggestions: Generally, some quite, light music is played during unity candle ceremonies.

Things to think about:

Ending of the Unity Candle Ceremony.  Traditionally, at the conclusion of the unity candle ceremony the bride and groom each present a flower to the couple’s mothers. Also, the bride and groom need to decide whether or not to extinguish the candles at the end of the ceremony. Some feel that putting the candles out displays the couple’s commitment to each other. Others think that leaving the candles lit retains and recognizes your individuality within the marriage.

You can celebrate your anniversaries and your continued commitment to one another by lighting the candles again each year.

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